Brent Randall

Goshen High School Play-by-Play

Brent has been the play-by-play voice of the Goshen RedHawks since 1991. After spending nearly 19 years at WKAM Radio in Goshen, Brent moved to WAWC FM in 2000 and continued to broadcast Goshen sports. In 2003, Hoosier 103.5 added a live web cast of Goshen sports on the internet at In 2006, Brent, along with fellow broadcasters Denny Weldy, Andy Gall and Brent Carrick purchased Now alumni and friends can listen to Goshen High School sporting events around the corner or around the world. features schedules from Goshen High School Athletic, daily sports updates on the in-season action on our FaceBook page from GHS and all the live

“We are so pleased to be calling the shots at”, Brent said, “I hope visitors to our site will make us their home page and check out what’s new everyday”. Brent is not only the Voice of the RedHawks, but is also on the GHS athletic staff. In 2006 Brent took over as head boys’ golf coach at GHS after spending 15 years as head boys’ golf coach at Bethany Christian High School. Brent says, “I enjoy promoting student athletics on the air, giving them the recognition they deserve, and enjoy the opportunity to work closely with them as a coach as well”.

Denny Weldy

Goshen High School Color Commentator

Denny has been the color commentator voice of the Goshen RedHawks since 1992. He started with his partner in radio, Brent Randall on WKAM in the fall of 1992. He moved with Brent to WAWC FM in 2000 to continue the support of Goshen Athletics. They were introduced and added to the live web cast on in the fall of 2003. In 2006, Denny and Brent, along with fellow broadcasters Andy Gall and Brent Carrick pursued and bought With great anticipation of broadcasting Goshen and Fairfield sports to Goshen Redskin friends and alumni on the world-wide web.

“I love being a part of this community and enjoy watching these kids grow up in the world of athletics”, Denny said “There’s no better way to broadcast these high school events than the world-wide web”. Denny is on the board of directors of Goshen Junior Football League and has been a coach at the Goshen Middle School Football program. “It’s a great thrill for me to promote the student athletes at Goshen and Fairfield High School. I invite you to checkout web site. We hope you will enjoy our site for high school events.”

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